The day I broke up with Facebook

My first @ProjectFi billing cycle is complete and I actually saved money!

I'm back from vacation and here's what I have to say about using @ProjectFi overseas! (Thank you @Google!)

Sweet Treats with #Google Sheets and Share Smarter with @Buffer & @IFTTT ... my presos from #TCEATOTS :)

I've had my Nexus 6P and @ProjectFi for a week and here's what I have to say about it...

Can I still be EdTech Chic without being in edtech?! My last day in #BISDwired...

My new Nexus 6P is set up and my @ProjectFi is LIVE! This is so exciting!

Big DUH moment in preparation for @ProjectFi - managing and merging my device and #Google contacts!

I just ordered a 64GB Nexus 6P and I'm leaving AT&T for @ProjectFi! #GAFE #edtech #YOLO

MediaCore #Chrome extension for easy screen capture and webcam recording! #BISDconnect #GAFE

The one question you need to ask to know what's happening on your campus or in your district...

Shout out to @Techs4Tex and @FriscoISD for a wonderful #TxGoo16! #GAFE #BISDconnect