MediaCore #Chrome extension for easy screen capture and webcam recording! #BISDconnect #GAFE

A few months ago I happened upon the MediaCore Capture Chrome Extension while doing some research for a secondary English teacher.

This awesome extension is chromebook friendly and VERY easy to use. You have 2 options for recording: Desktop and Webcam. With the desktop option, you can also choose to embed the webcam - great for flipped classroom videos!

When you have finished recording, you will be redirected to the Review tab where you can upload your recording to a MediaCore site (requires an account) or download it (will save in file box on Chromebook).
Easy. Effective. FREE! This is a great tool for both teachers AND students!


  1. If you're after webcam recordings only, Clipchamp is an alternative that's quite popular already among schools that run on Chromebooks -

    It lets you save the recording or upload to Google Drive and also acts as a video compressor so recordings are made smaller before they get uploaded - at the same visible quality as the original.
    (I'm one of the founders)

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