The day I broke up with Facebook

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Global Leadership Summit (#GLS16) remotely here in Brenham. It was my first time experiencing this event and it really got me fired up about my new role and honing my leadership skills. There were several inspiring speakers and the message for me was loud and clear - reduce the noise and sharpen your focus so you can be a better leader. Here are some of my notes from the event...

During one of the breaks, I was perusing the promotional materials and summit resources guide and I kept coming back to this book…
I purchased the book that night on my Audible account and listened to it for the first time on my Saturday morning walk. Towards the end of the walk, an analogy from the author had me in tears. It went something like this...

My life feels like I am driving 100 miles an hour into the parking lot of a 7 Eleven. I skid to a stop in the parking lot and race to the back of the store. I tilt my head back under the slurpee machine and turn it on full blast. I am gulping and gulping and red syrup is all over my face and all of a sudden I realize all I wanted was a strawberry. One fresh strawberry.

For some reason this sent me over the edge. Perhaps because I feel like I am always racing. Racing at work. Racing at home. Racing to be the best. Racing towards something I don’t even know! And really, all I want is peace and joy and love and life. I want to enjoy my kids. I want to enjoy my husband. I want to have a healthy balance between a career I love and a family I cherish.

When I returned home from my walk Saturday morning, I told my husband that I was going to delete my Facebook account. My sister did it several weeks ago and she promised she didn’t miss it. :) To be honest, I think my husband was quite shocked. He’s not a social media person, but he knows that social media plays a big part of my job and my daily routine. My normal morning routine consists of waking at 5am while the rest of my house sleeps to sip coffee in the dark and look at Facebook! Why do we do this!? It’s an obsession … peering into the not-so-secret lives of others … posting our own vetted content and waiting for the feedback, the accolades, the scorn, the reaction, the whatever. It just got to be too much. Too much politics. Too much venting and negativity. Too much pretending to be connected while being totally disconnected!

Am I going to miss sharing pictures of my precious boys with my friends and family? Absolutely. Am I going to miss connecting remotely with my high school and college friends? Of course. Am I going to miss the advertisements and constant scrolling and compulsive refreshing for new content and political rants? Nope. I hope that this decision will help me be more present in my real life and more committed to making connections in person. Disclaimer: I will admit, I did decide to stay on Instagram to give my parents and grandparents and close friends a way to see my boys. However, Instagram doesn’t contribute to the “noise” like Facebook does - for me, at least.

So, you won’t be seeing me on Facebook anymore. It’s day 2 and I haven’t missed it a bit. My new 5am routine consists of coffee in the dark with my devotional or just time to be quiet and meditate. I don’t really know if this decision will play a major role in my efforts to be more present and focused and balanced, but I’m sure willing to give it a try!


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