My love of typography + my addiction to @Canva and finding inspiration EVERYWHERE...even at Chuy's! :)

Everyone knows that I love my work and I love my district. If you spend a few minutes with me, likely the conversation will turn to Brenham ISD (after I tell a few stories about my crazy boys). :)

The people who are very close to me know that I also love Mexican food. I love queso. I love enchiladas. I loooooove chips and salsa.

So, when my love of Brenham ISD can mesh with my love of Mexican food, it's pretty much a win win.

Several months ago I was having dinner at Chuy's with my family and was totally enamored with the front of the menu...

I took a picture of it and the next day I began working on a recruiting poster for Brenham ISD using my fave publishing tool, In case you're not familiar with's AMAZING and has beautiful pre-designed templates and fonts packages and graphics (some free, some $1) that take the guesswork out of creating both digital and print products.

With my inspirational menu cover and my go-to publishing tool, this is what I came up with...

You never know where you might find inspiration, but I can definitely tell you where to go for amazing desktop publishing! Check out and happy hunting for design inspiration!!


  1. Love this.. Was at Chuy's the other night myself and was admiring that menu...

  2. You had me at Chuy's...but then you throw in Canva...get out of my head!;)


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