My new Nexus 6P is set up and my @ProjectFi is LIVE! This is so exciting!

Today I set up my new Nexus 6P and activated Project Fi!!!  It has been VERY exciting and a fairly user-friendly experience. Here's what I received in my package...

When it was time to get started, I unboxed the contents and started following the directions. There was a nice cardboard card with step-by-step instructions on what to do. I powered on the phone and then followed the steps. The only step that hung me up was when it came time to insert the SIM card. The image on the SIM folder showed using a paperclip (which was clipped to the SIM folder) to release the SIM tray on the phone. I remembered seeing this method on some of the YouTube videos I watched, so I was confused as to why it wasn't working. After several attempts with the paperclip, I started looking at the other materials and discovered a small tool that was intended for the job. The tray released and I inserted the SIM card easily.

Then the phone started walking me through the rest of the steps, which were also easy to follow! I had already entered my AT&T information via the Fi web portal when prompted upon sign up, so that information was automatically populated in my phone. All I had to do was sign in using my Google account and click the buttons to begin the phone number transfer process!

The part of this process that had me the most anxious was the phone number porting/transfer. I wanted to keep my existing phone number, but I had NO idea what would happen when the transfer happened. My Nexus gave me a little notification that it could take 1-2 days to complete and that I would not be able to call or text.


After a few failed attempts (because I had the wrong AT&T account pin and had to find it), it looked like it was doing it's thing. I allowed the system update on the phone to occur during all of this happening, so when my device restarted, I was unclear if the transfer worked or not. Instead of freaking out ... AGAIN ... I had my colleague call me and my NEW PHONE RANG! Success!!!

So now to get used to the new device and see how this Fi thing is going to work. So far, slight learning curve answering calls and finding all of my contacts, but I am feeling good. It's a phone. It does what a phone should do. :) In case anyone is interested, here are links for the screen protector and phone cover I ordered from Amazon. Easy to install and just what I wanted.

As for the Google Project Fi phone service, that will be a future post! :) I will be monitoring my data usage and the Fi coverage and will report back soon! So far, this has been a pretty exciting and worthwhile experience!


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