A new take on the same ol' AUP spiel thanks to some help from my pal @edtech2love! #GAFE #chromebooks #BISDwired

At the start of each year, teachers who have chromebooks ask me to come in and talk to their students about AUP and Chromebook use.  It's such a BORING spiel and I get tired of finger pointing and fussing at the kids ... telling them what they can and cannot do.  Because I am assigned to a high school campus, the reality is that these kids know right from wrong.  They know the AUP.  They know the student code of conduct.  And they know the device pledge.  So we might as well mix it up and have some fun!

Last year I cut the AUP statements into strips and had the kids work in small groups to come up with a hashtag that would convey the message in their statement.  That was quick and fun and easy, but I have a lot of the same kids this year and didn't want to bore them with the same activity.

I started researching design thinking activities and was trying to come up with a fresh idea when it occurred to me that I could go to my former-colleague-turned-boss, +Kim Strauss  (who is very creative) and pick her brain.  She had a great idea to get the kids to make AUP BUMPER STICKERS!  So off to Wal-Mart I went to buy stickers sheets and markers!  I also designed a short preso to accompany the activity and tried to structure it like a mini PBL ...

The activity was great!  I had fun ... I think the kids had fun (although it's sometimes hard to tell with high schoolers) ... and I was excited about what they created.  Here's a glimpse of the bumper stickers from the first group ...

Do you have any favorite AUP or Chromebooks 101 activities that you like to use?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!  I'll likely have to mix it up again next year, so I might as well start collecting ideas now!  Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Great idea! Love the "Don't Hack - That's Wack" one!

  2. Girl. That is great! So creative, interesting, age-appropriate, yet still meaningful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awww, thanks! It was really fun to do with the kids. Sometimes hard to engage the high schoolers! :)


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