BEST. HACK. EVER! Thank you, Nicholas Cage! #GAFE #Chrome

Last week a BHS student brought me his chromebook and he was VERY frustrated that he had been hacked and/or thought he had a "virus."  On his screen, I saw something similar to this...

The student did a Google Images search for "food" for his culinary arts class.  However, suddenly all of the pictures in the search results were replaced with pictures of Nicholas Cage.

I have to confess ... I cracked up laughing.  I LOVE HIGH SCHOOL KIDS!  (Disclaimer: No, I do not condone hacking!  I just thought this was clever!)  Turns out, the student had left his chromebook unattended and a fellow classmate played a little trick on him.  After a quick Google search, I found an article about this Google Chrome extension...

I showed the student how to find his extensions and delete the extension in question.  :)  I also informed our Tech Dept.  Another confession, I immediately started thinking "Who can I do this to?!"  If I am thinking that, then we probably have students thinking the same thing.  

After sharing this little gem with my Techs4Tex family, my pal Mike Wallace found this Chrome extension that adds a mustache to all of the faces in your browser.  :)

Useless.  Harmless.  Endless fun.  Kids ... don't try this at home.  :)  Unless it's April Fool's Day!!!


  1. I love it! I have a few colleagues who totally deserve this Nicholas Cage extension :) This Ryan Gosling extension is one of my favorites: I also meant to comment on your Audible post. I love Audible and have been listening to books while I drive to/from work or on long car trips. I find biographies, memoirs, comedy, and interesting non-fiction to be the easiest to listen to since you don't really have to follow a complex plot. Such a great way to read AND pass the time!

    1. :) Thanks, Alicia! Hope your year is going well! I have TOTALLY dropped the ball on the Lean In circle. :( Maybe in January!

  2. This made my year! :-) I love the creativity of students. My IT friends do stuff like this to teach us to protect our stuff.

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