Responding to Literature using @TodaysMeet at #bmswired

One of my #bmswired techno trailblazers (and willing guinea pigs!), Kaleigh Kankel, asked about a web 2.0 tool that she could use for her students to respond to a book they're reading.  After tossing around some ideas, we decided on TodaysMeet for several reasons.  TodaysMeet is easy to set up and does not require that you "sign in" to create a room or to join a room.  We didn't want the kids to have to set up an account or login to anything.  (I originally liked Google Moderator for this, but we wanted to bypass the login step.)  Because this activity was not for a grade - just to get the kids thinking about the literature - it could be a wide open forum with all kids seeing all responses.  Enter TodaysMeet...

Ms. Kankel set up all of the "rooms" before the kids got to class.  The kids used netbooks to find their class group's room and joined.

Once the kids were all in, Ms. Kankel read aloud a section of the book they had started the previous week.  (It's an excellent series from Scholastic called I Survived.)  At regular intervals, Ms. Kankel would stop and pose thoughtful questions to the students via the TodaysMeet room.  The kids could respond and watch their entries real time!  Easy, quick, and the kids loved it!