Multiple Intelligences and PBL

In 1983, Howard Gardner proposed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  He believed that we all have a wide range of abilities, some people are just stronger in specific areas.  I think Project Based Learning can help us reach every child, no matter what their strengths or weaknesses may be.

This Wikipedia article has a good table (Table 1. Summary of the Eight Intelligences - shown above) that offers a closer look into strengths, preferences and needs of each intelligence area.  When you are designing your lessons (especially PBL units!), take into consideration this product grid.  Think about each of your students and how you might adapt your expectations and assessments to meet individual learning needs.

Click here to take a survey and find out how YOU learn best!  I took the survey and I have a "strong Read/Write learning preference."  My scores were: Visual - 7, Aural - 1, Read/Write - 12, Kinesthetic - 4.   None of this comes as a surprise to me!  Perhaps this is because I already know I am a Type A personality?!