Easy slideshows and photo animations with Google Photos! #GAFE #BISDconnect

I am quite sure that someone somewhere has already showed me or told me how to do this...BUT, an application of this trick presented itself the other day and I was reminded of the glory that is Google Photos. :)

Need to make a slideshow or photo animation? Here's how...

Step 1: Go to photos.google.com and upload photos by clicking on the upload icon (near the search bar).

Step 2: After you have selected the photos you want to upload, choose the upload size. I usually go with "high quality" over original quality to conserve space.

Step 3: Once your photos have been uploaded, add them to an album.

Step 4: You can add them to an existing album or create a new album.

Step 5: If you're creating a new album, rename it and then click on the arrow to get back to your Google Photos dashboard.

Step 6: Now it's time to create the magic! Click on the + near the search bar and select animation.

Step 7: Select the photos from your newly created album or any others that you would like to include in your photo animation and click Create.

Step 8: Your finished product can be shared via social media or direct link or downloaded.

Just a few clicks and you, too, can create EASY, SIMPLE photo slideshows and animations!


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