Thank you, #Google, for warming my little OCD heart! #GAFE #BISDwired

I am a little bit OCD.  Ok, my friends are laughing now ... I am A LOT OCD.  I like things neat and orderly and in a row and organized.  It's how I maintain control when life is crazy all around me.  But that's another post...

I don't know if you've noticed, but Google has an AMAZING feature for all of the OCD peeps out there just like me.

When you have multiple elements on a slide or in a drawing, you are able to re-size those elements to exactly the same dimensions.  Do you see the little blue hash marks on my images in the screenshot above?  Now all of my little social media icons are all exactly the same height, all in line perfectly, AND all evenly spaced.  

I may not be able to control everything, but I can sure make certain that all of my inserted images in my Google products are uniform and looking good!  :)

(One of these days, ask me about how I eat Skittles...)


  1. Great post! Thanks for the tip. How DO you eat skittles? LOL :-)

    1. I'm almost too embarrassed to tell... I have to chew one of the same color on either side of my mouth. And if there's only 1 of that color left in the bag, I will bite it in half to make it even. Unfortunately, this is only one of my silly symmetrical OCD habits! I know ... I should probably be medicated. :)


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