5 Easy #Google Drawings Tricks that Students LOVE! #BISDwired #GAFE

Google Drawings is my go-to tool for creating graphics for lots of reasons...  It's easy to use.  It's integrated with my GAFE account.  It offers many options for personalized graphics.  And students LOVE it!  Here are 5 tricks I like to share with students that they don't always know or realize are available:
  1. Change the size of your canvas.  Go to File > Page Setup.  You can select preset sizes or use custom dimensions in inches, centimeters, points, or pixels.
  2. Change the background color. Right click on canvas > Background. The default is transparent, but you have LOTS of other choices, including custom.
  3. Find copyright friendly images. Using the research tool (Tools > Research), students can filter results by image and then again by usage rights.
  4. Find images with a transparent background. Nothing says amateur like a white box around your image on a colored background. Adding png to the end of your search in the research tool will return images with transparent background.
  5. Download your image in multiple formats. Go to File > Download as. You have several options including pdf, jpg, png and even svg!
Don't assume your students (or teachers!) already know these simple tricks. These 5 easy tips can help your students and staff get more out of Google Drawings!