Instructional Technology "Get out of Jail FREE" card ... how are YOU engaging secondary teachers? (Pssst...I need ideas!) #edtech #gafe

I am beginning to feel like a bit of a failure at my new campus ... the HIGH SCHOOL.  I have worked on just about every campus in this district ranging from PK-6th grade and in years passed I felt as though I was added value to the campus.  This year ... I JUST DON'T KNOW!  Secondary teachers are independent, strong willed, and highly knowledgeable about their content.  THEY'RE A LOT LIKE ME, but I still just can't seem to tap into the sweet spot of sharing and collaborating!

Soooo...the other morning I was getting ready and a Monopoly commercial came on during one of the shows my kids were watching.  I had a brainstorm ... make Instructional Technology Get out of Jail FREE cards and give them to teachers!  Sometimes a tactile, printed piece of paper can be better utilized that a digital form (yep, I said it).  This is what I came up with...

Feel free to make copies of the Google Drawing versions (front and back) if you would like to use these as well.

Do you have ideas / strategies / activities that work well with secondary teachers?  If so, I'd LOVE to hear / read them!  My well is a bit dry and I am in need of some fresh ideas!!!  Many thanks in advance!  :)


  1. I love this! Thanks for the cool idea. :)

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