is alive and updated! Jan and Feb tips published by @gottasectech and @sutherland60510! #goointheloo

Just when you thought I had totally dropped the ball on my #GTACHI idea ... Goo in the Loo is back!  :)  I have had some time to get my wits about me and I am ready to go to step 2 of my implementation ... actually POSTING the tips in public places!  (Yes, I know ... only took me 2 years to get here.)  January and February tips are posted on on the Goo Tips tab and are ready for print.  I will begin posting these on the high school campus where I am now stationed and in the Technology Department office.  I am way totally curious to see if anyone mentions the posters.  Not really sure how this will play out, so I figure I'll start small and expand later.

If you'd like to read how Goo in the Loo came to be, you can read my GTACHI (Google Teacher Academy Chicago) Action Plan here.  If you have an amazing Googley tip, PLEASE post here!

I would love to hear if and how you are using Goo in the Loo in your own school, district or community!


  1. Jessica,

    This is a fantastic idea! I'm always impressed when organizations and schools have reading materials above urinals and in stalls, because your audience is a captive one: they're not going anywhere. Instead of today's newspaper, your Google tips flyers are a terrific means to begin the conversation about GAFE in your community.

    You might consider taking it one step further and creating flyers tailor-made to the organization, be it a bank, grocery store, church, or school. Instead of a generic tip, perhaps you could have students, teachers, and parents create tips on how to use Google Apps in that particular organization. It would further focus your flyers and help the community brainstorm uses for Apps for very specific locations.


    1. Thanks, David! Great ideas! If I can get things rolling again, I may do just that. It's sometimes difficult to get people to submit ideas. :) I know that's shocking. :)


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