"When I got into this [education], I knew it wasn't going to be for the next 40 years."

Several weeks ago a dear friend of mine, who is also a teacher, said this to me:

It hit me like a knife through the heart.  I thought, when I got into this I HOPED it would be for the next 40 years!  (I wish I'd had the nerve to say that to her at the time.)  I am a fourth generation educator.  My mom is still a HS Physics teacher and THIS IS her 40th year as an educator.  I am SO PROUD to share this profession with my mom AND my dad AND my sister (and my grandparents AND my great-grantparents!).  To think that someone would consider this a temporary situation or a stepping stone or anything other than a lifetime commitment hurts me.  When I was little, I played school.  When I was bigger, I loved school.  And today, I cherish the gift of school and my role in education.  I love to come to work {most days!}.  I would hope that anyone in this profession who does not see it as a calling ... as a passion ... as a burning desire ... would step aside and let those of us who do have that fire step in for you.  There are a million jobs in the world.  I implore you to choose a different one if you feel the way my dear friend feels.  Or if you just need a professional pick-me-up, team up with a colleague or an instructional coach or technology specialist for some new fresh ideas.  Life is short, but for the students in your class, the year is long if you aren't enjoying this journey with them!