Creating Rollover Images in #Google Sites #BISDwired

My cousin (Hi Natalie!) works for this cool company, Financial Social Media, that helps financial organizations harness the power of social media and digital marketing. As I was checking out their website, I happened upon their "About Us - Team Members" page and LOVED the format!  It has a picture of each of the staff members, but when you roll over it there's a new image ... a FUN image ... that appears.  Click on a staff member and a pop-up window appears with fun facts about that person.  Cool, right?!

I started thinking about how this could translate to our #BISDwired department website.  I keep hoping that teachers will make an emotional connection to our tech team and see us as PEOPLE ... as PARTNERS, not just someone who installs a printer or fixes their SMART Board or emails them a link.  I wanted to recreate the "rollover" effect with a person touch on our website.

Because we're using a Google site, I had to do some digging on how to recreate this effect...or some version of this effect.  I found the Google Sites Image Mouseover Gadget.  This cool little gadget lives right inside the Google site and is VERY easy to use.  Click here to see it in action.  The video below walks you step-by-step how to do it.

Our new motto in the BISD Technology Department this year (thank you @EdTxAnn) is SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE and FUN.  I think the Google Sites Image Mouseover hits all three of those marks!


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