This one is for @terrie_rambo - technolicious at ANY age!

Today, on Mother's Day, I want to reflect on one of the coolest, hardest working, most dedicated educators and moms I know.  My own mom, Terrie Rambo.  I am a fourth generation educator.  I come from a long line of people who made public education their life's work.  My mom is no exception and I know it's because of her (and my dad, who is also an educator!) that my sister (@MadameGourault) and I chose this field and have also dedicated our lives to serving students.

Last week my mom shared with me her grant proposal for a set of Chromebooks for her classroom.  She has is back in the classroom as a physics teacher in Tyler, Texas and is constantly looking for ways to use technology with her students.  She uses tools like Todays Meet, YouTube and also wants to start using Google Apps for Education to help engage her students and stay current with innovative teaching practices.  She's even attending the Texas Google Summit next weekend!  GO MOM!

I want to thank all of you veteran teachers out there who continue to learn, grow and find ways to keep up in this crazy digital world of education.  I am proud of each of you for taking a risk, doing something out of your comfort zone and proving that you can be TECHNOLICIOUS at any age and stage of your career!

I love you, Mom, and I thank you for being the absolute BEST mentor in education, in motherhood and in life.  You are amazing.