iPads + Clay Yourself + @PicMonkeyApp = Library Fun! #bmswired

Our BMS librarian, Deb Tackett (@DebTackett) is TOTALLY awesome and always looking for ways she can stay current and keep her library up-to-date.  One of the ways she's doing this is by using iPads during her library time for activities with QR codes, fun fact scavenger hunts, internet research and having fun while learning with cool apps.

Deb is a funny lady and when she got her 4 new shiny iPads she had a clear vision of how she wanted to manage them.  She wanted teachers and kids to be able to check them out to use, but she wanted an easy way to remember who checked out what iPad.  What better way to keep up with them than to name them?!

Sure, sure...she could have numbered them and kept up with #1, #2, #3 and #4, but that is SO not Deb's style.  She decided to name her iPads Amy (A), Brad (B), Cindy (C) and Doug (D).  LOVE THIS!  We decided to take it a step further and make it very easy to recognize which iPads were checked out.  We created avatars using ClayYourself.com (a GREAT and EASY tool!) and PicMonkey (worth the cost to upgrade!) to create personas for the iPad wallpapers.

Here's what we created...

Don't you think your kids would SO LOVE to use an iPad with a name rather than a number?!


  1. Naming the iPads is a very clever idea. Love it!

  2. I think it's great how little things like this can make a difference! I would have never thought of that myself! Deb is clever and creative! I think it's great that schools are using technology all over the school, not simply in classrooms.


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