Day Three #TCEA13 - Part 1

I attended 4 great sessions on Thursday and was so happy to learn some new tips and tricks about tools I am already using!  Hope you'll enjoy some of these, too!  Check back tomorrow for more day three ed tech learning fun!

Google Drive for the Classroom - Amy Mayer
Amy stepped in at the last minute to do this session and still did an excellent job!  For starters, I didn't realize you could go into the Chrome Web Store and find special collections for Google Drive!  Like PicMonkey!  You can actually open images from your Drive directly into PicMonkey and resave them directly back to your Drive.  How cool is that?!  In Amy's sesh we zombulated Beyonce ... here's @EdTechChic zombified ...

Another little tidbit I picked up just by watching Amy present is the right click in the omnibar and "Paste & Go" instead of pasting a URL and then hitting enter.  Geeze.  Such a simple timesaver!