Bookmark Book Reports + Google Forms and Educreations #bmswired

Last week a wonderful new #bmswired 5th grade Reading teacher, Miss Knebel, asked if I could help her with classroom voting for a book report project they had just completed.  (You know I love it when they ask me to come help in the classroom!!)  The class had created these neat bookmark book reports and she wanted to let the students vote on their favorites.

We brainstormed a few ideas and tools and finally decided that the kids would vote using Google Forms (we heart Google!) and then I would let the top winners record a little something using Educreations.  So here's how it went...

I went into the class and did a little spiel on how great the bookmarks were and how we were going to do an "art gallery tour."  We set all of the bookmarks up on the chalk tray so the kids could view them.

The kids took turns walking through the "gallery" while the rest of the class read quietly at their seats.  We set up the voting form on both of the classroom computers and instructed the kids to click "Submit another response" when they were finished to get it set up for the next student.

When the voting was completed, we used "Show summary of responses" to tally the top three classroom favorites.

I then took the top vote getters into the hallway to record a special message using the Educreations app.  We took a picture of the student's bookmark and then let them talk about their project.  It was pretty funny watching them squirm, even though it was only going to be their voice recorded!  We played them back for the entire class to enjoy - the kids enjoyed it, we enjoyed it, and it only took about 15 minutes.  Here are our Educreations final products...

Even with only two classroom computers, 1 iPad, and a limited amount of time, we were able to squeeze a little bit of technology into the day!