Find Your Inner Fred #fredfriday

I recently read a book called The Fred Factor (thank you Kim Strauss!) and it really opened my eyes to how I can be a better me.  So, for the next few Fridays (HAPPY #fredfriday!) I will be posting about this awesome book and hopefully inspiring you to read it and find your inner Fred.  

The Fred Factor was written by Mark Sanborn and is essentially about Mark’s postman, who went above and beyond every day to do his job to the best of his ability.  Mark shares some principles that epitomize Fred and while I don’t want to ruin it for you, I do want to share some of my favorite points with you.

  • Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional.
  • There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs.
  • One of your biggest competitors is mediocrity, a willingness to do just enough and nothing more to get by.

Check out Mark Sanborn telling Fred's story...

I trained a group of teacher's assistants this summer and one of them kept saying, "I'm just an aide."  I finally asked her to stop saying that and to elevate her view of the position and realize her own importance.  Fred certainly did not consider himself "just a postman."  I hope this year you realize the importance of what you do whether it's clean the floors or teach the kids or drive the bus or serve the food!


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