Back in the saddle again...preparing for the new year!

Today is my first official day back and I had a fabulous planning meeting with a colleague and my boss this morning.  If feels GOOD to be back.  It feels GOOD to brainstorm and get creative again.  I am ready for the new year!!!

Our first challenge is to plan a fun and exciting event for our opening convocation for our district.  We are really trying to get our teachers to join us in moving from the "dark ages" into a student-driven, collaborative classroom.  Our superintendent is AWESOME and has given us some creative freedom for this event.  The door is wide open for us to WOW our teachers and start the year off right.

How does your district get you excited and ready for the new year?  What things would you like to see and hear in those opening days to get you pumped up and ready to change the world?


  1. Just found your blog via a post on Pinterest. Love it! Can't wait to read more :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I love getting new readers! You guys keep me on my toes. :) Have a fabulous Friday!!


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