Teacher Book Study - Recommended Reads

My sister works at a charter school in East Texas - all male students and a pretty tough population.  She has worked her way up from teacher to administrator and now she's looking to inspire and educate her staff with a book study.  I put a call out to my Twitter peeps and had some good responses.  Below are my top 10 recommendations (in no certain order) for staff book studies - some of my own and some from the Twitterverse and beyond.  What books have you read that you would recommend??
  1. What Great Teachers Do Differently by Todd Whitaker
  2. The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark
  3. Readicide by Kelly Gallagher
  4. A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink
  5. Educating Esme by Esme Raji Codell
  6. Teaching Outside the Box by LouAnn Johnson
  7. Teach Like Your Hair's On Fire by Rafe Esquith
  8. Letters to a Young Teacher by Jonathan Kozol
  9. Five Minds for the Future by Howard Gardner
  10. The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer