A few months ago, I had the pleasure of rolling out Edmodo for a 5th grade class.  I wore my awesome Edmodo shirt that the good people at the Edmodo booth gave me last year at TCEA.  I set up a Flip Cam to record my spiel (which is too embarrassing to show to all of you!) to share with other teachers in my district.  I even got a few honest ooohs and ahhhs as the kids set up their accounts and started working.  Kids LOVE Edmodo because it's done on the computer and it looks like Facebook.  You, too, can get started with Edmodo next year with just a few simple steps!

Step 1: Make sure your district approves of using of Edmodo in the classroom.
Step 2: Create an Edmodo account.
Step 3: Check out the AWESOME roll-out resources from Edmodo.
Step 4: Send home parent permission forms and start getting ideas.  (Look here!)
Step 5: Create an assignment and introduce your students to Edmodo!

Want to learn more?  Come to TCEA's Tots and Technology conference in Galveston, TX on June 10-12 and join me in my Go LOCO with EDMODO session!


  1. I saw the version Amy M. posted. (You created it using S'more I think) and found you through that. Just wanted to say thanks for the clay avatar idea. I think my kids will love that next year. I teach 3rd grade and started using Edmodo for the first time this past school year. Just scratching the tip of the iceberg as far as uses. Thank again for the info!


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