Google Moderator

Last week I attended an INTENSE three-day Google Certification Academy at Region VI in Huntsville (super big thanks to @FriedTechnology, @mmcclatchyesc6, and @cathymoak!) to prepare for the six 60-question, 90-minute timed Google Certification Exams.  After three mind-blowing days of crash course training and testing, I am oficially a GOOGLE QUALIFIED EDUCATOR!  My next step is to begin the application process to become a Google Certified Educator - more on that to come.

Until then, I want to share with you one of my new favorite Google Apps - Google Moderator.  Check out this short introductory video to get a better idea of what this app is...

So, how can you use this in the classroom?  Check out these ideas - my favorite is to let students submit review topics before an assessment.  You can learn more, too, at Google's training module for Google Moderator.  Want to try it out?  Click here to submit and vote on your favorite Web 2.0 tool!