11/11/11 - Make an epic wish, right?!

Ok, my EPIC WISH for 11/11/11 is that my boss would buy me a cart full of Chromebooks to pilot at one of my campuses!  :)  (It's supposed to be an EPIC wish, right?!)  

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Google Leadership Academy at Region 6, led by the OH-SO-FAB Amy Mayer.  We mostly focused on Google Apps (that's a WHOLE other post!) but they demoed the new Chromebook and I even got to use one.  It's - way - cool!  Our campuses have netbook carts and the support these things require is ridiculous (installing updates, virus protection, pop-up windows, etc.).  The Chromebook is really just a browser in a laptop shell.  It boots in 8 seconds.  It has a battery life of 8 hours.  There's even a 3G option.  Check out this short video...

If you're part of your Technology Department, you might be interested in this video, too.  (This is what really sold me - SO MUCH LESS SUPPORT!)

SO...today...on 11/11/11 at 11:11 am...my EPIC wish has been tossed out to the universe.  Crossing my fingers and holding my breath...  :)


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