Get your ticket!

This post packs a POWERFUL punch!  You'll want a ticket for this ride!

A couple of years ago I did a training session for our teachers to show them some ways they could use our fancy new netbook carts in the classroom.  :)  What happened was an EXPLOSION of wonderful Web 2.0 tools!  To entice my teachers, I sent them a "ticket" to our event using Concert Ticket Maker (see image above).  I then used JogTheWeb to compile a list of sites I found fun, educational, and useful.  If you've never used JogTheWeb, it's an awesome way to share many sites with your audience in one place.  My "web jog" includes 20 great Web 2.0 tools that you can use in the classroom to enhance your lessons, have some fun, and engage your students with 21st century learning.  Redeem your Ticket to a Great Netbook Lesson!