My first @ProjectFi billing cycle is complete and I actually saved money!

I have completed my first complete billing cycle with Project Fi and once again ... I couldn't be happier with the service, the device and the COST!

I was paying around $110/month with AT&T. Now, in all fairness that did include the payment for my phone using the NEXT plan.

However, with Project Fi, my bill last month was only $83 and that ALSO includes a $22 payment for my fancy new Nexus 6P (It was just too painful to pay $600 for the phone up front!). Not only is that roughly $30/month cheaper than what I was paying, I am also going to receive a CREDIT next month for over $16 for UNUSED DATA! (Which offsets the $16ish I spent overseas!)

UNUNSED DATA! They actually GIVE YOU BACK YOUR MONEY for data you don't use. Y'all. This is crazy!! In addition, I was able to go ahead and drop down from the 3GB plan to the 2GB plan based on my usage statistics (I used less than 1.5GB last billing cycle), which will knock off another $10 from my monthly charges.

So...comparing as closely as possible my AT&T past charges with my future Fi charges looks like this...

AT&T = $110/month
Project Fi = $73/month

That is a monthly savings of $40! That's real money! And I have to say, too, that I love the way Project Fi breaks down the charges. It's simple. It's easy to understand. And there are no crazy hidden or obscure fees to jack up your monthly bill.

I know several of you have been thinking about making the jump to Project Fi and a couple of you have actually done it! We would all love to hear about your experience in the comments below!!