Two Excellent Classroom Management Apps!

@kbconnected shared these two apps from The Teacher's Lounge and they are two tools that I would have LOVED when I was in the classroom!  Say goodbye to your coffee can with popsicle sticks and say hello to Stick Pick!  This app not only provides a tool to randomly call on students, but it also suggests question starters and has a tool to track student responses (great for formative assessment!).  I think this app is well worth the $2.99!  When you're trashing your coffee can and popsicle sticks, you can also dump your paper seating charts.  Check out Smart Seat!  This seating chart app allows you to create custom layouts with student pictures (excellent for subs!).  Quickly take attendance, call on students at random, and export PDF reports easily.  At $3.99 I think this app is a screaming good deal!