Can I still be EdTech Chic without being in edtech?! My last day in #BISDwired...

When I say I work with the best team around, I mean I work with THE BEST TEAM AROUND. For the last 7 years, I have been a part of the Brenham ISD Technology Department. These people are my family. Some of our family members have moved on to other opportunities and some new family members have joined the group. But at the end of the day, they're ALL still my family and I know they've got my back.

Several years ago, Brenham ISD decided to develop a presence on social media. I happily volunteered to be the lead on the initiative and luckily my boss (+Kim Strauss) supported me and gave me room to grow. It felt like a natural extension of my professional skills and beliefs and I was thrilled! 

Later, the campaign extended to a BISD re-brand with a new logo, an updated website and eventually even a mobile app! What an exciting time for my department and my district to be revitalizing our look and strengthening our communication lines with modern tools! Again, I was happy to be a part of the process and felt ownership for what we were creating.

Then, Brenham ISD hired a new superintendent with a passion for communication and I was given additional opportunities to stretch my skills. I started writing special interest stories for the district and producing videos to show people why they should choose Brenham ISD. I loved the challenge, but I always knew I had a safety net in my tech dept house.

If you had told me 7 years ago that I would be leaving my BISDwired family, I would have said you were crazy. Like CRAZY. CRAY-CRAY. These are my people. This is my house. I love my work. This is what I do and who I am.

However, when the job was posted for Director of Communications and Special Projects in BISD, I couldn't stop myself from applying. I had grown to love sharing the stories of Brenham ISD and showcasing our INCREDIBLE students and staff. I felt total ownership of our extended communication efforts and the idea of a new challenge was so exciting! I applied for the job, interviewed for the job and accepted the job when it was offered.

It has been an exciting few weeks, but also heartbreaking. Leaving my BISDwired family is hard. Like REALLY hard. Today was my last day as Instructional Technology Specialist for Brenham ISD. Saying goodbye to +Tom Spall and +Troy Kuhn today was heartbreaking. (Luckily we all had on sunglasses so it didn't get weird.) When I return to work on July 5, I will no longer be part of BISDwired. I will begin my new role as Director of Communications and Special Projects. Today I left the safety net of my BISDwired house. It feels like I am graduating and going away to college. Bittersweet. Invigorating. Terrifying.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband asked me, "Can you still be EdTech Chic if you're not in edtech anymore?!"

My answer: YES! Instructional Technology is such a part of who I am and it is absolutely what got me here today. From my days in the classroom at Brenham Middle School making stick figure Sam move his mouth with power point animations to Troop BES sessions with my elementary peeps to planning PBL units with my wonderful BHS staff ... instructional technology is in my soul! And it will stay there! EdTech Chic is just moving in a new edtech direction now. :) I am excited to use my edtech skills in a new and different way and hope you'll enjoy the journey with me!

I have been absolutely blown away by the support of my BISD friends and colleagues...especially in my own department. I am honored. I am grateful. I am 100% committed to being the best I can be. I will not let you down. I will make you proud. And know I am still just a phone call or email or tweet away!


  1. We are going to miss your awesomeness!!!!!! But you are going to do so many great new things!! We will always have your back!

  2. We are going to miss your awesomeness!!!!!! But you are going to do so many great new things!! We will always have your back!

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