Big DUH moment in preparation for @ProjectFi - managing and merging my device and #Google contacts!

Please don't laugh as you read this post. I am sure I should have already known all of this, but somehow I missed it. :)

My new Nexus phone and Project Fi information have arrived! I have set aside some time this afternoon to get it all set up and ready and I promise to blog about that later.

In preparation for leaving my Samsung Note 3 and my AT&T account behind, I wanted to make sure I had all of my contacts synced and saved. I have been searching and searching for an app or tool that would allow me to sync and save my contacts from my phone to my computer or Gmail account so I can rest assured I haven't lost anything.

Enter DUH moment.

Say what?! All I have to do is go to my Google Contacts on my laptop and all of my contacts are there?! Yep. Sure are. How did I not know this already?!

Something else that has always bothered me is duplicate contacts. Search for a contact and several of the same come up with all different information. But guess what else I learned this morning?! YOU CAN MERGE YOUR DUPLICATES in Google Contacts, as well!

That was easy. :)

I will blog this evening about my fancy new Nexus 6P and my Project Fi process and experience! This is so exciting!!!