Using Weebly for Digital Student Portfolios - what we did and how we did it! #edtech #BISDconnect

Several months ago, Mrs. West - Graphic Design teacher at BHS, approached me with an idea to have her students create digital portfolios. We discussed the possibility of using Google Sites for this, since we are a GAFE district, but then I went to TCEA and saw a session with the "2 Bald Dudes" and they recommended using Weebly.  You can see their presentation here.

After talking with Mrs. West when I returned, we decided to dive in and give it a try. We met to plan how to introduce the concept to her students and brainstorm what they would need to know.  We came up with this presentation and co-taught it the following week:

For the rest of that week, Mrs. West worked with the students to research and develop personal logos, discuss branding, take new headshots (if necessary) and write bios.

Then, it was time to begin the technical part ... creating a Weebly account and building the site. Because of my schedule, I was unable to be with Mrs. West and her students in person, so I created a series of short videos to work through each step of the process. (Why does YouTube always grab the WORST of my talking faces in the thumbnail?!)

I have been checking in with the students periodically and I am BLOWN AWAY with what they are creating.  Their logos are beautiful and creative.  Their portfolios are clean and professional.  They listened to our advice and applied it to their work and I am CRAZY proud!  When their work is complete, I will ask for some volunteers to share their URLs for me to post, so check back soon!