Why Audible is my new favorite app and should be yours, too!! @audible_com

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember.  I come from a family of readers.  When I was little, we would always stop at a book store before heading out on a road trip.  The whole family would get new books and my sister and I would read all the way there and all the way back.  I've been known to stay up all hours to finish the last tasty morsels of books like Tuesdays with Morrie, Educating Esme, Harry Potter and even Twilight.  :)

When my first son was born 6 years ago, I managed to still carve out time for hobbies and reading.  However, when my second son was born almost 4 years ago, that all came to a screeching halt.  Two kids is MUCH more work than one and our youngest was a sickly little thing to make matters worse.  For 2 years straight, I didn't read a single book.  Not.  One.  Book.  At night, I fell straight into bed and most free time was spent on domestic duties.

But then everything changed.  I desperately wanted to read a book recommended by several friends, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.  I learned about Audible and, despite my slight aversion to audiobooks (I was still a firm believer in turning a page!), I decided to try it out.  I walk or run almost every night and decided to give the audiobook a try in lieu of listening to music.  While I LOVED the book, I'll be honest ... listening to a book took a little getting used to.  In fact, I didn't get another audio book after that for almost a year.

Last year, however, a lot of traveling and another recommendation from a friend (Yes Please by Amy Poehler) had me going back to my Audible app.  Something clicked and I have been completely hooked ever since!  I have "read" more books in the last 6 months than the last 6 years!  I even went so far as to sign up for an Audible monthly membership so I can get a new book each month.  Confession ... I am buying extra credits because I am mowing through books!

If you're like me and love to read, but have trouble finding the time to turn pages, I would encourage you to check out Audible.  I don't get any sort of kick back here, I just want to share the literacy love!  :)  Click here to try Audible for 30 days and you can even get a free audiobook!  Each time you get in the car or go for a walk or hop on a bus or a train or a plane, you have an opportunity to enjoy a good book.

Need some ideas to get started?!  This list that I found on Pinterest really got me excited and I have loved every one of the books so far!  Happy listening and I would love to know what your favorite audiobook is!