Early am step-by-step #autoCrat instructions for my mom @PhysicsFarmer (with help from TechSmith @Snagit @googlechrome extension!) #GAFE

I am an early bird.  I get my best work done before 6am.  The flip side of that is I am in bed sometimes before the sun goes down.  (Don't judge!)  Last night I missed a text thread between my mom and sister about autoCrat and how to do it.  Seeing the texts early this morning put me into action.  I quickly opened up a sample Google Sheet with responses from a form I used at a training session a while back and went to work "cooking" some animated gifs with the help of the AMAZING TechSmith Snagit extension for Chrome.  (This is HANDS DOWN my new favorite way to create quick demos to help teachers ... and my mom!)

Here's a quick step-by-step instruction doc with animated gifs that will walk you through setting up autoCrat in an existing Response Sheet.  This is a great tool and if you're not already using it, you should be!!!

Hope this is a helpful doc on this Wednesday morning!  Happy merging!