@Lucidpress: an online alternative to Microsoft Publisher #GAFE #edtech

Having students publish their work can help them take pride in their success while developing valuable design and presentation skills. But existing publication software options are slim—and Microsoft Publisher isn’t always friendly to new users. Lucidpress, an online publishing application free to educators, deserves some serious consideration as a viable Publisher alternative. Here’s how it stacks up next to Publisher on a few key issues:

Price - whereas a Publisher license costs about $100, and requires additional payment for each new version, Lucidpress is completely free to educators (non-educational users pay $16/month for comparable features).

Installation and upgrading - Lucidpress runs in a browser, so you never have to download updates. However, it’s only as fast as your Internet connection, whereas Publisher, which must be downloaded, can also run offline.

Ease of use - Lucidpress features an intuitive drag and drop interface, whereas Publisher, while powerful, has a more substantial learning curve.

Templates - While Publisher has many more templates than Lucidpress, most of them are outdated. Each of Lucidpress’s hundred or so templates has been professionally designed to appeal to today’s audience, making this a question of quantity versus quality.

Publication options - Both have a variety of export options, such as PDF and PNG, but Lucidpress also features the ability to publish as a web page with a unique URL and to embed videos in, for instance, a digital newsletter.

Collaboration - while Publisher offers easy sharing options and saves files to the cloud by default, Lucidpress allows for real-time collaboration and chatting, making it perfect for group projects.
How to get started

Getting started is easy with Lucidpress for education. Simply register for a free account using your educational email address, then request the educational upgrade for additional features. With Lucidpress, you can teach lessons that students will never forget.

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Jacob Shumway is a content writer for Lucidpress. Having recently studied English at BYU, he appreciates the power of visual communication in education firsthand.