Day 25: #27daysofTED - Embrace the Shake ... have posted this before, but it's DEFINITELY worth watching again!!

Day 24: #27daysofTED - Rosie King: How autism freed me to be myself ... I ADORE HER! "Autism is an ABILITY, not a DISABILITY."

Day 22: #27daysofTED - Eric Whitacre: A virtual choir 2,000 voices strong ... this one nearly made me weep...connected by music!

Day 21: #27daysofTED - A TED speaker's worst nightmare ... an oldie, but a goodie for this Friday morning!

Day 20: #27daysofTED: Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders (Have you read her book Lean In?! If not, you SHOULD!)

Day 19: #27daysofTED - How painting can transform communities - this is a great way to start your day!

Day 18: #27daysofTED - Image is powerful ... a candid, interesting look at the modeling industry.

Day 17: #27daysofTED - Stacey Kramer: The best gift I ever survived

Day 16: #27daysofTED - what would you learn about yourself if your plane was crashing?

Day 15: #27daysofTED - Texting that saves lives

Day 13: #27daysofTED - Malcolm London: "High School Training Ground"

Day 12: #27daysofTED - if this doesn't make you thankful, I don't know what will...

Day 10: #27daysofTED - Be an opportunity maker WITH and FOR others!

Day 9: #27daysofTED - What is YOUR secret to success?

Day 8: #27daysofTED - "We are not passive consumers of data and technology."

Day 7: #27daysofTED - totally random, but incredibly fascinating

Day 6: #27daysofTED - Why lunch ladies are heroes

Day 5: #27daysofTED - @Give_Directly

Day 4: #27daysofTED - 3 rules to spark learning

Day 3: #27daysofTED - this one made me cry

Day 2: #27daysofTED - @PeachsNeetFeet

Day 1: My 27 day @TEDTalks Challenge #27daysofTED