Do you know the names of the students in your school?

This year has been a real growth year for me having a child in actual SCHOOL.  I have been through highs and lows.  I have watched my son struggle to adapt and I have struggled to adapt, as well.  I have also witnessed the birth of an independent child who has come into his own and is thriving in his new environment.  I can tell you right now it's because of the PEOPLE.

Yesterday when I dropped my son off at school, the staff member who opened the door and let him out said, "Good morning, Jake!" and I then heard the administrator on duty say, "Hi, Jake!"  Not only did that leave me grinning from ear to ear as I drove off, I know it made my son feel like he was he was part of the he was meant to be there.

As an educator in this business for over 15 years, I have certainly heard speeches and seen presentations about the importance of calling students by name.  However, this year - I have experienced that from a very different perspective - as a parent.

I challenge you to learn the names of the students on your campus and call those kids by name.  I don't care if they're 5 or 15...every kid wants to be known...every kid want to be loved...every kid wants to be someone.  Try to learn the name of 5 new kids each week and address them by name when you see them in the hall.  I imagine that the small time investment on your part will be well worth the reward.