Cool Twitter stats from @_tweetails_ ... this is fun!

I was trying to pull some statistics from our Brenham ISD district Twitter account when I came across Tweetails.  I love numbers and statistics ... even if they're random, so this really appealed to me.  Check out the stats I pulled for @edtechchic...  :)

Tweetails for Edtechchic
  • Space efficiency: 79.77% (tweets have an average of 28 spare characters left over)
  • Average word length: 4.39 characters
  • Average syllables per word: 1.43
  • Vocabulary diversity score: 42.72
  • Real dictionary words: 94.49%
Our intelligence rating for Edtechchic is: -Scholar - Very clever indeed, and probably smug about it too.

In our special nonsensical Twitter roleplaying parlance, Edtechchic is a: -Level 4 Master Tweet Barbarian

{By the way, those last two made me chuckle!}

  • Edtechchic posts an average of 3.66 tweets per day.
  • We estimate they spend 5 hours per month using Twitter.
  • Around 3 hours of this monthly usage is during typical work/school hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).
Most Mentioned Users
Most Mentioned Hashtags
Favorite Words

Can I just say, I love that GOOGLE is my MOST blogged word!  Of course!  :)