30 Day Blogging Challenge: Days 1 and 2 (compliments of @teachthought!)

I was a pretty lazy blogger over the summer.  Probably had something to do with construction at my house, graduate school and two little boys under the age of 5, but now I have no more excuses.  :)


I saw this 30 day blogging challenge for teachers from TeachThought yesterday on Twitter and decided it was just what I needed to kick my blogging into high gear again.  Of course, then I got home from out of town, craziness ensued and I forgot to blog on day 1.  So, here are days 1 and 2 of my 30 day blogging challenge...

Day 1 - goals for the school year

  1. Get into a classroom every day.
  2. Complete at least 3 more hours toward masters degree (I've only been working on it for 10+ years!).
  3. Maintain attendance at our @BISDwired Geek Week PD sessions (had 37 HS teachers attend my first sesh!).

Day 2 - one piece of technology I'd like to try out this year

Augmented reality - this is something I have sort of resisted because I am very inexperienced using it.  However, now that I am on a high school campus, I think it's time I embrace it and learn how to use it to share with secondary teachers and students.  Any ideas?!  ;)