A big, fat, public THANK YOU to every teacher and volunteer at Open House!

Last night was a very different Open House experience for me.  Last night I was not an employee of Brenham ISD.  I was not an Instructional Technology Specialist.  I was not the tech lady or the fixit girl or the problem solver.

Last night I was just a mom.

My oldest is entering kindergarten and last night we walked the halls of his new school with all of the other wide eyed, beaming, proud parents.  The walls were decorated, the staff was smiling, the school was alive!

I'll be honest.  This was very different and somewhat uncomfortable for me.  I usually walk those halls with confidence and purpose.  But last night I panicked filling out the PTO form.  How much does everyone else donate?!  What size shirt would Jake wear?!  Do I put my personal email or my school email address?!  How do I pay?!  I don't even have a checkbook!

Thank you to the sweet volunteer who held my hand through the form and chuckled when I said I was a first time mom.  :)

We found Jake's new room, which was beautifully decorated, and I was happy to see some familiar faces.  Of course Jake's new teacher was wonderful and friendly and Jake was thrilled to find his desk.  I, on the other hand, panicked again filling out more forms.  Bus rider.  Car rider.  Parent conferences.  Health cards.  OMG.

Thank you to Mrs. Wall for opening your classroom and your heart to our sweet boy ... and for finding me down the hallway because I forgot to sign the back of the blue card.  :)

Thank you to Mrs. Davis for taking Jake's shoe off in the middle of your classroom and even removing his sock to turn it the right way because it was bothering him.

Thank you to Mrs. Plagens for letting Jake tackle you in a bear hug on the floor in your dress.  :)

Thank you to Aunt Lisa for being just on the other side of the hallway in case Jake needs anything.

Thank you to Mrs. Bolcerek for being a mamma bear like myself and for watching out for my baby this year.  (I know you'll squeeze him if he looks like he needs a squeeze!)

Thank you to Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Schwarze and Mrs. Mueller for working TIRELESSLY on scheduling and prepping and planning to get ready for the new year...and then for looking SO PUT TOGETHER at Open House.

Thank you to Mrs. Bogan for hugging my little "chimpanzee" and making sure I left the school last night with a smile on my face.

To all of the teachers and volunteers across the globe who stayed at the school late, arrived early, prepared breakfast, picked up lunch, had your husbands come help, stood on chairs, stapled and folded and packed and painted...


Your effort does not go unrecognized and although I have been there, last night I realized just how important every little detail is and I am so grateful to share this profession with all of you.

Cheers to a great year!