Goo in the Loo is ALIVE thanks to #GTACHI!

Yesterday I received one of the best tweets I've had all year!  Thanks to +Marek Beck and +Mike Arsenault, I learned that the Goo in the Loo posters I created (with lots of help!) for my #GTACHI Action Plan are alive and being used!  This was a dream I had during my time at Google Teacher Academy Chicago and I immediately set to work on crowdsourcing the Google Certified Teacher and Trainer community for the best Google tips out there.  I managed to get a poster created for every month of 2014 and then 2014 hit me like a freight train.  My life has been a bit tumultuous, so I've been doing the best I can to stay afloat.  Unfortunately, that means my Goo in the Loo roll-out has been put on hold.  HOWEVER, I have a renewed excitement about the program after seeing these tweets yesterday!

I pledge to fulfill my Goo in the Loo promise and post these flyers on our campuses in the fall.  I also pledge to follow through with partnering with local businesses to try and spread our Google goodness throughout our community.  I can't thank you enough, Mike and Marek, for the reminder that this program is simple, fun and effective - our BISD Tech Dept motto for this year!

If you would like more information about this program, please visit  I would love to hear if you're implementing this program in your school or organization!