Making a difference today, tomorrow and FAR beyond!

A few weeks ago a former student of mine waited on me at Sonic.  We both recognized each other and she asked me about some cookies I used to make when she was in my class almost 10 years ago.  :)  Today I was back at Sonic and she actually showed me that she'd finally found the recipe...and then she bought my Diet Coke.  It nearly brought me to tears.  It also really made me thankful to live in a small town where I have opportunities to see former students and continue to impact their lives in some way.  At the beginning of the year, a new Instructional Assistant was hired at one of the campuses I serve.  She looked so familiar and I finally realized I taught her, as well, many years ago.  Now she works at one of my campuses!  She's all grown up!  And I like to think I had {something} to do with it!

I know it's very easy for us to get tired and beat down and forget that our teaching can reach FAR beyond today, tomorrow and even next year.  However, we have to remember, as educators, the lasting impression we can make on a child and the power it can have on a life.  Think about how you can give your students the tools they need to succeed not only today, but in their adult lives.

What will your students say about you 10 years from now?  Make sure your actions everyday reflect what you hope they remember most about you.  The way you speak to them today becomes how they will remember you tomorrow!