The TX vs NY Twitter Movement! Are YOU up for the CHALLENGE!?

A few weeks ago I connected on Twitter with an educator in New York, Lee Araoz, or @nytechprepper as you might know him. Lee and I had a conversation about the importance of Twitter as on-demand, FREE, round-the-clock professional development. We are both amazed at how many educators are not utilizing this amazing network!

Behold the birth of the TX vs NY Twitter Movement...

Lee and I have decided to put the power of Twitter to the test. We are starting a TX vs NY TWITTER MOVEMENT and we challenge you to join in the Twitter party. Here’s how this is going to work...

  • The challenge will begin on June 1 and end on December 31.
  • Any new Twitter accounts created as a result of this challenge will be recorded on this form:
  • At the end of the year, we will determine via the Google Form Summary of Responses who the winner is: TX or NY!
  • Please understand that this is ONLY for Twitter accounts that are created between June 1 and December 31. If you’re already on Twitter, we’d love to network with you, but can’t use your data in our form.

Do you know of someone who is missing out on current, engaging conversations because they’re not on Twitter?! PLEASE share the power of this tool and get them on-board! Here’s a step-by-step document you can use to help:

And don’t forget to get them to fill out our form at Come on, y’all! Let’s show New York how BIG we do things in Texas!