A Rose and A Thorn: My Week in Review

I have a very rewarding job.  I also have a very challenging job.  Because of this, I am borrowing a tradition from a dear friend of mine, Mary Lou (@mlz123).  She had her boys share a "rose" and a "thorn" about the day each night at the dinner table.  I love this idea and want to apply it to my week...

A teacher called me into her room and asked about a web 2.0 tool that wouldn't work on the Chromebooks.  When I gave her an alternative, she said, "I knew you'd know what to do."  That's pretty nice that they can count on me for advice, help, suggestions...  :)

Another teacher told me about some students who were 'never going to have what it takes' to pass the STAAR test.  Wow.  I was nearly moved to tears thinking, "What if that was Jake or Cooper (my boys) she was talking about?"  As educators, I think we need to always remember who our customers are - KIDS...ALL of them!

What was YOUR rose and thorn from this week?


  1. I hear that Thorn from a lot of teachers and they need to fully understand that these are just kids. When teachers talk to other teachers they need to know that they're talking to other parents, teachers, and mentors that may not have the same feelings. What if that teacher had the attitude: EVERY student of mine will pass the Staar test!

  2. Tom - you rock my world. You are exactly right about remembering who we're talking to - I need to remember that, too.


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