How do you stay in touch with your classroom teachers?

I am out of touch with the classroom teaching experience.  It has been several years since I was in a traditional classroom.  I don't know what's it is like today to stay on top of grading papers, keep up with students (and their parents!), attend meetings and more meetings and more meetings, keep track of all of the paperwork ... all the while keeping an eye on "the test."

How did I get so out of touch!?!  I KNOW I am out of touch because the things teachers say really baffle me, so it MUST be me.
  • We don't have time.
  • Our curriculum framework won't allow it.
  • My kids can't do it.

HOW did I get SO out of touch and how do I get back IN touch?!  I spend as much time as I can in classrooms and I work as closely as I can with teachers, but somehow I am missing something.  I am not "one of them" - I am not "in the trenches" - I am removed from their world.  I want back in.

Administrators, coaches, do you stay in touch with your classroom teachers? 


  1. I would more so make the argument that the teachers are out of touch. Time is definitely an issue... but if something is valuable for students, we should make the time to make it happen. And "my kids can't do it" just makes me sad. My kids may need to do it differently or with different supports...but they can do it.

    1. Staci, you my dear are the exception to the rule. Thank you for breaking the mold and ALWAYS going the extra mile for your kiddos. I love working with you!

  2. Unfortunately, at least where I teach, because of all the demands placed on teachers, the coaches, administration, and even technologists, become the enemy.
    And no matter how helpful they are trying to be, they are always seen as the person giving teachers, "one more thing' to do.
    It's unfortunate, because most of them are really trying to make things better.
    Maybe, you can "teach" a lesson? I know that helps in my school. I wish you the best!

    1. Lisa, I appreciate your honest input and I think you are probably right. I sometimes feel like I am doing that very thing. I teach model lessons as often as the teachers will let me, but sometimes it's hard to break into the classrooms. And even when I do, it's usually the same teachers over and over again. Can't thank you enough for your feedback!!


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