Day Two #TCEA13 - Part 3

After leaving Eli, I ran upstairs to meet Kim Strauss and Ann DeBolt for our session, The Google Trilogy.  It went well and is always fun to get to talk to my peers, but I'm always glad when it's over too!  {#stillgetnervous}  I ended day two in a session that was really about interactive whiteboards, but reminded me, yet again, that I need to standardize my training materials and make sure I am creating quality, thoughtful products!  The ladies from LCISD shared these important points to consider when designing anything from IWB lessons to professional development materials:

  • No more than 4 colors (check out Color Scheme Designer!)
  • Pick one font for every presentation/lesson
  • Always put the header in the same place...instructions in the same consistency!
  • Keep in mind the "F pattern" eye movement

They also shared a tip for your IWB lessons that I thought was GENIUS!  On the first slide of each of your lessons, have numbered boxes for each student in the group to write his/her name in before they begin at that center.  On the bottom of each subsequent slide, have dice that the kids roll to see who gets to come to the board for that slide.  So cool and smart, right?!  No more fighting!