March Madness at #bmswired Library!

We have an AWESOME librarian at #bmswired ... the one ... the only ... @DEBTACKETT!  This lady is constantly looking for ways to integrate technology into her library and keep the kids fired up about books.  A couple of weeks ago she let me know that she wanted to do some sort of March Madness in the library ... kids vote on books, use a tournament bracket, etc.  My little techo head was spinning!  So here's what we did...

Deb gave me 16 books for Round 1.  I created a Google Form for the BMS 5th and 6th graders to use to vote.  We originally set it up so that it would automatically record their BISD Google usernames - trying to keep it to one vote per student.  However, having the kids sign in and sign out proved to be a little time consuming, so we ended up just opening up the form for ease of use.

During the class rotations through the library this week, Deb has been setting up her library units as voting stations and letting the kids come place their vote and make their prediction for the final winner.  It was cool to see the kids ponder each section and really put thought into their selections!

Now, if you know me, you know that having a paper tournament bracket just isn't going to cut it!  So I found this awesome site called Challonge that allows you to create an online tournament bracket.  (I tell ya, there's an "app" for everything!)

At the end of next week we will be tallying the votes and moving on to round 2.  Check back to see who makes it to the final four!  :)