The Power of a Positive Principal #bmswired

I truly believe that a good administrator can make all the difference for a school.  It's like having a good quarterback - even if your team is mediocre, a good QB can rally the team, be a leader both on and off the field and inspire the players.  (Can I get a little WOO for the Houston Texans?!  11-1!!  Sorry...couldn't help myself!)

Luckily for Peggy Still, Principal at BMS, her team is much more than mediocre!  However, she never stops looking for ways to inspire them, pat them on the back, and keep the positive vibes flowing.  One of the ways she's done that this year is with a campus "favorites" list.  BMS has been hit pretty hard this year with illness and family tragedy.  Peggy posted a form for teachers to fill out with all of their personal favorites.

All of these completed forms were put into a shared Google folder that all staff members can access.  When someone wants to do something nice for a colleague, they can check the favorites form to choose just the right special treat.  How cool is that?!

How is your administrator keeping a positive atmosphere in your school?


  1. Peggy Still is the best! Go BMS, and thanks, Ed Tech're pretty cool yourself!!!


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