Share Notebook files with students on Chromebooks! #bisdgoogle

Our district was fortunate enough this year to award our 12 WOW Teachers with a set of Chromebooks to use in their classrooms to support what they learned at the ESC6 WOW Academy this summer.  I figured they would use them and love them and the kids would enjoy them - I never dreamed what these AMAZING educators would come up with!

The example below is from Kim McCorkle - she is ROCKING OUT with the Chromebooks in her class!  Kim is a 6th grade math teacher at @bmswired who is using Wix, Educreations, Google Forms and also SMART Notebook with her Chromebooks!  Check out Kim's steps on how to share your Notebook files with your students via the Chromebooks...

1. Upload your SMART Notebook file to your Drive.
2. Share the file to your students with a link (here is my example:
3. Have students go to the link on their Chromebook and click "Download."
4. Do not close the browser window - in another tab, go to
Note: On the Chromebooks it takes some time for the site to load, be patient.
5. Click "Open Existing File."
6. Select the shared file from Downloads and click Open.

WOW!  WOW!  WOW!   Thank you, Kim, for sharing this awesome trick and for being such a TRAILBLAZER in Brenham ISD (and beyond!).


  1. Thanks for the tip - hadn't tried this until now - question though - some of the notebook pages I've created that incorporate Flash don't display correctly. Specifically, images appear as grey boxes. Have you encountered that? Thanks for any help!

  2. Kevin- some things will not display correctly unfortunately. I have also found that working with Edmodo, I post the file directly and that students can download directly from that link, no need to use Google Drive. Kim


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