#6tech Techno Ninja Conference!

If you have never been to an event at ESC6 in Huntsville, TX - you are missing out!  Not only do they offer quality sessions and share wonderful information, the ESC6 team is warm, welcoming, and HILARIOUS!

I presented two sessions yesterday: Lucky 13 - Web 2.0 And You and Time Management and Web 2.0.  However, I was THRILLED to attend two great sessions and learn a few new tips and tricks!!  Hopefully you can pick up a new tool or treasure from the resources below!

The first session I attended was Google Apps Get-N-Go presented by the awesome Kellie Lahey and Laura Kile.  They shared wonderful, real-world ways you can use Google Apps in your classroom.  My favorite example ... use a Google Form titled "Help Me, I'm Failing" to make kids accountable for why their grades are dropping.  Genius!

The second session I attended, presented by Jessica Powell, was titled "Bling Your Browser."  With a title like that, how can you go wrong?!  Jessica shared some awesome Chrome extensions, browser personalization ideas and also apps that are available both on and offline.

Unfortunately, I got a call late last night that my 3 year old was sick, so I ended up driving home late night and had to miss day two of the conference today.  Thank you those of you who took over my sessions and picked up my slack!  Little one is feeling much better and I am already looking forward to next year's conference!  If you attended this year, let me know what your favorite session was!


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